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trunkfleet/pkgs/naut: clean up formattingedef10 days
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10 daysfleet/pkgs/naut: clean up formatting HEAD trunkedef
10 daysfleet/pkgs/naut: use Rust 2021edef
10 daysfleet/pkgs/naut: filter down to commits touching the ripple subtreeedef
10 daysfleet/pkgs/naut: simplify down to a single channel and a single repoedef
10 daysfleet/test: work with clean trees tooedef
10 daysfleet/test: run builds with --keep-goingedef
10 daysfleet/test: don't rely on SSH config and repo remotesedef
10 daysfleet: it's monorepo time!V
11 daysripple/minitrace: fix syscall ABIV
11 daysgithooks: add SPDX headersedef