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2022-06-20fleet/pkgs/naut: clean up formattingedef
2022-06-20fleet/pkgs/naut: use Rust 2021edef
2022-06-20fleet/pkgs/naut: filter down to commits touching the ripple subtreeedef
2022-06-20fleet/pkgs/naut: simplify down to a single channel and a single repoedef
2022-06-20fleet/test: work with clean trees tooedef
2022-06-20fleet/test: run builds with --keep-goingedef
2022-06-20fleet/test: don't rely on SSH config and repo remotesedef
2022-06-20fleet: it's monorepo time!V
2022-06-19fleet/pkgs/naut: point source URL at the monorepoedef
2022-06-06fleet/hosts/trieste/web: fix homepage 404ingV
2022-06-06fleet/hosts/trieste/cgit: switch implementation to cgit-pinkV
2022-06-04fleet: upgrade to NixOS 22.05V
2022-05-30fleet/hosts/{kaikou,trieste,vityaz}: add my SSH certificateV
2022-05-14fleet/modules/web: drop Content-Security-Policy header, for nowV
2022-05-14fleet/hosts/kaikou: add skeleton Gerrit configV
2022-05-11fleet/hosts/kaikou: a build automation serverV
2022-04-12fleet/hosts/vityaz: add Alyssa to the WireGuard networkV
2022-03-28fleet/hosts/trieste/naut: don't notify on infra updatesV
2021-08-30fleet/hosts/trieste/naut: put proxy socket in its own directoryV
2021-08-22fleet/naut: pluralise "{} commits pushed" message correctlyV
2021-08-21fleet/hosts/trieste/naut: fix proxy service dependencyedef
2021-08-21fleet/pkgs/naut: a little commit notification botV
2021-08-20fleet/hosts/trieste/cgit: put our tagline in the root descriptionV
2021-08-17fleet/modules/public-inbox: fix updated descriptions not getting picked upV
2021-08-17fleet/modules/public-inbox: set NonBlocking on the httpd serviceV
2021-08-17fleet/modules/public-inbox: add Requires/After of the corresponding socket to...V
2021-08-17fleet/modules/public-inbox: fix permissions issueV
2021-08-17fleet: initV